Friday, April 15, 2011

Lip Balm

Aaaaah, coffee.  
From where I sit to blog I can hear the coo's of the doves that nest in our back yard.  I friggin' love that sound. This is the most favorite part of my day. Once my husband is off to work and my daughter has left for school, I sit back and enjoy the solitude.  Well, I'm not entirely alone.  We have 3 black cats to keep me company throughout my day.  We are partial to black cats. Now that my youngest is a working college student, I consider my 3 furry ebony balls of love, my babies.  Anywho, this morning happened without incident.  Yesterday morning was not a nice morning, but I won't go into the dirty details.  Let's just say that I seriously do EVERYTHING around this joint and all I ask is that one day a week the trash be set out on the curb the night before trash day.  I'm not sure what was uglier:  My screeching, which probably woke up the neighbors, around 6:45AM or the sight of my pastie self rolling out the trash and recycle bin in my bathrobe.  Kooks. 
Kooks is in reference to my family, not my  neighbors.  I've got a few choice words for the people who live to our right, but this is a PG rated blog.
I'd really love to do some gardening today, but I'm preparing for a local Mother's Day Boutique and I've got tons of crafting and sewing to do. I'm out of lip balm and I really need to go to the store to pick up a few other things as well, but I just don't feel like leaving my cozy little pad this morning. 
Lip Balm.  Lip Balm.  Lip Balm. 
Hm.  I just came up with the title of this blog.
"Lip Balm"  
I often times feel like I'm on information over load.

Uses for Lip Balm
*Keep hair dye from staining your face by applying lip balm around your hair line, forehead and earlobes.  Do this before applying hair dye.  The lip balm will act as a barrier and you'll be stain free.

*Don't tug on a stuck ring.  Just apply lip balm to the area & gently wiggle the ring around until it slides off.

*Lubricate a sticky zipper by rubbing some lip balm over a zipper's teeth.  Now zip open & zip close a few times. Presto!

* Stop the sting and seal a bleeding nick when shaving, by dabbing some unscented lip balm to the cut.

*Salvage a scratched Cd by applying lip balm to the cd's surface and then buffing it out thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.

*Lip balm will soften chapped heels, knuckles, or elbows.  It helps soothe chapped noses, but make sure you don't use it on your nose then on your lips.  ew. 
*Tames unruly eyebrows just as good as pricey brow gels. Hair gel works great on brows too.

*Use it as a cuticle cream.  Great for the prevention of hang nails.

*Makes a great makeup mistake eraser.  If , when applying your makeup, you accidentally get mascara  where it doesn't belong, dip a cotton swab into your lip balm and erase the mascara right off.

*Tames flyaway hair strands and seals split ends.

And finally my favorite:  
If you coat the threads to an outdoor light bulb with lip balm before screwing it in place, you'll prevent the outdoor bulb from getting stuck in the socket.

There's no need to purchase the fancy stuff like Burt's Bee Wax.  The generic stuff at the Dollar Tree or other discount places works just fine.
Okay. I'm done.
Lip balm!!!


Jenni said...

Is that a picture of you on the left? AND your YOUNGEST is in college!? Can I just say that I might hate you? =-P

PHWDGoddess said...

lol. Yes, that's me. Good genes I suppose. Lived through half of the 1960's, grew up in the 70's, over indulged in the 80's, started to get it together in the late 90's, and I'm now reflecting, with wonderment, how all that time just came and went....

Incognito said...

Yep... that Judyanne looks very young..

PHWDGoddess said...

Who dat? Incognito?

Frances via il*mostro said...

i'm loving your blog! i have yet to find a lip balm that DOESNT make my lips worse... from chapstick to carmex to burts bees i can use em for about a month before they make my lips super dry after every use :( I'm doomed to a life of chappiness

PHWDGoddess said...

Thanks, Frances:) Have you tried olive oil on your lips? I've used it on my lips in the winter when they've gotten super dry. My Grandma used to use a dab of manteca and that worked too. lol. True story.

dee said...

lip balm thats fantastic- no more of that greesy petroleum in a tub Im gonna use it for everything!!!