Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrift Shop Fashionista

I've always had a thing  for Thrift Shops, Rummage Sales,  Yard Sales and Garage Sales.  Throughout the 1980's, during high school and college, I'd seriously rarely step foot into a department store.  Seriously.  This may be due to the fact that my dear ole dad split when I was a child and left my Mother to raise me by herself. Money was scarce, to say the least.  Considering the situation, Mami did the best she could to provide for me.  Segundas/Thrift shops y la remate/ Sunday auctions are where my wardrobe came from growing up.  No worries.  My Mami is an amazing seamstress and she would alter and add to my second hand duds and I was happy.  As a child I began to take an interest in sewing as well.  I created clothes for myself, my dog, and my dolls.  I've always been a little off beat and once I entered high school, the 1980's began.  Believe it or not, once upon a time, one could not go to the mall to purchase animal print anything.  Hot Topic did not exist, so if you wanted something cool and hip, well, you had to make it yourself.   I hung with a crowd of misfits, like myself,  who frequented the local thrift stores and weekend yard sales.  We were ahead of our time and Project Runway had nothing on us.  Thrift stores where my play land filled with beautiful velvet, lace, mesh, and every animal print fabric imaginable.  Gorgeous 1950's prom dresses, beaded sweaters and stilleto heels were at our disposal to tranform into 1980's chic.  Remember Cyndi Lauper?   She and Madonna were my fashion icons.  Fingerless gloves, tights transformed into leggin's, and accessories and jewelry galore!   Tons of 1960's beatnik left overs satisfied my Quadrophenia Mod fashion phase as well.  I was going to marry Robert Smith from The Cure, but that never panned out.  The 80's was an awesome era to experience and for fashion!  Anywho, yeah.  So fast forward to the mid 1990's.  Grunge was in full force and I still was rocking my Thrift Store ensembles: Combat boots and baby doll dresses.  Sometime toward the end of the 90's things began to change.  I was earning more money and I began to purchase "real" clothes at "real" stores.  I sold out.  I got married which meant more income and more designer shoes, handbags, and clothes:  Lots and lots of clothes.  Did I mention that I LOVE clothes?  Fast forward yet again to 2008 and BAM!  The recession hits.  The DH and I are now unemployed and forced to leave paradise and totally change our way of life. Yes.  we were humbled.  But hey, the ride was fun while it lasted and there is food on the table and I have years of experience being a Thrift Store Fashionista.  So, again,  no worries.  This is the outfit I scored and sported last Easter Sunday at our Family gathering.  Total was under $20 for the entire outfit which includes, purse, jewelry, and shoes.

I scored the top at a thrift store for $1.99

I paid one dollar for the skirt.

During a late night ice cream run at Right Aid, I found a really cute pair of flip flops for $6.99.  I, by the way, am a flip flop princess.

The tote was $1.00.  I found it at a church rummage sale last weekend.

I added a silk rose to give the bag a pop of color.  
I purchased a bouquet of 6 silk roses at the 99 Cent Store.  The sugar skull was purchased on Etsy from Arte De Mi Familia
This artist rocks!!!  
I use her supplies for my artwork as well.

As for accessories, 
I found these earrings for 99 cents at the  

The necklace cost $1.99 at 

All together I paid $16.00 for this look. 
 Yes, I am a self proclaimed Thrift Store fashionista. 


L+T=She said...

I Love It!!! I've always admired that about you :) U Rock!

PHWDGoddess said...

Aaaw. Thanks, Cuz<3