Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun with Laundry Baskets

Get creative with your laundry baskets!
  • With your pet inside, invert one plastic laundry basket over another and tie the edges together for a handy transportation cage.
  • Store your coiled garden hose in a round laundry basket.
  • Set a baby who can sit up, in a plastic laundry basket to provide more stability during bath time.  This works for small pets, too!
  • Make cleaning fun for the little ones by using a laundry basket as a train engine.  They can play "choo-choo" as they push it from room to room collecting their toys and belongings.
  • Sand and paint a piece of plywood, 1/2 inch thick and big enough to extend a foot or so beyond your laundry basket on all sides.  Place the finished wood on top of a basket, either round or rectangular, and use it as a table for youngsters.  When they are finished playing, they can now store toys and games inside the basket! 

  • When shopping and running errands, place one in the trunk of your car to hold all of your bags and packages.  You can now simply carry the full basket inside when you get home.
  • Guests arriving and you're short on time?  Grab a laundry basket and run through each room picking up all the clutter, magazines, dirty clothes, or whatever you have laying around.  Now stash that laundry basket in a closet.

Can you think of any other uses for a laundry basket?

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ali said...

I love these ideas!!