Monday, April 11, 2011

Bean Cookie Fiasco

With all modesty aside, ask anybody & they will tell you that I am a a great cook and an even better baker.  Seriously, people LOVE my cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, and pan dulce. 
Well,  Rocco's Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies just blemished my stellar rep.
Last night's attempt to bake these things was a complete and utter disaster.  Maybe it was because I began to bake late on a Sunday evening when all  I really just wanted to do was take a candle lit bath and catch up on some American Dad reruns with my husband.  Maybe it was because when I glanced over the recipe and saw the words, food processor, sifter, and stiff egg white peaks, a sudden wave of hesitation came over me.  The bubble bath sounded more appealing, but I had already told my daughter and husband that I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies and I didn't want to disappoint them.  My laziness and corner cutting in this case, lead to bean cookie hell. 

Instead of taking the time to go to the mudroom to get the stepladder, so I could reach the shelf where my self standing mixing bowl is kept,  I chose to use the hand mixer.  It was all down hill from this point.  Forming stiff egg whites takes time and should not be done when you are preoccupied with thoughts of warm candle lit bubble baths, snuggling with your husband, and chuckling at the antics of  American Dad's Roger.   I do not recommend using a hand held mixer, as opposed to a stand on its own mixer , when beating egg whites.  I just turned for a split second.  I truly thought the mixer was securely propped.  It was wedged between the bread box and  microwave, so what gives?  In the instant that I took my hand off the mixer and reached for the recipe,  BAM!!!!!  A sugary egg white explosion ensued.  Hijo de la gran....yeah.  I spent the next 10-15 minutes cleaning that sticky mess which clung from the ceiling to the  floor and every nook and cranny in between.  After cleaning up, I was so over those egg whites and figured they were peaked and stiff enough. How wrong I was.  Step by step, I followed Rocco's recipe to the T. 
I'm not sure what went wrong, but something most certainly did.
Instead of cookie dough, I ended up with a runny brown sauce.  Since I obviously could not form cookies from this mess, I had hoped to bake it as brownie type cake and cut it into squares .  I placed this chocolate bean soup into the oven.  As this thing was baking,  my daughter asked if I was making pizza and my husband asked why I was frying chicken so late.
The final result was not cool.
Into the trash it went. 
I would love to hear of someone, other than Rocco, who has had success with this recipe.
Maybe it was my limp egg peaks that done me in.  Whateva, I hope I have more success with his other recipes, since I have already impulsively purchased his book.
Oy Vey.

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