Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wally-World Haul

I LOVE Walmart like nobody's business.
Where else, other than my beloved Walmart, can I purchase the week's groceries, my families toiletries, everything I need for our home, craft supplies, and have my oil changed?
My Walmart of choice has an adjacent Michaels which make my bimonthly Walmart ventures all the more pleasurable. My Dear Walmart, I love that I can have an eye examination and lens fitting, mac on a Filet O Fish, and grab ink for the printer while my new tires are being aligned. Target smarget, I say.  They are ridiculously overpriced and I've never been a fan of khaki colored pants. Target blows. 
Here's some of what I picked up earlier today.  
This lot has major craft potential.  I'm super excited about the oven bake clay and the lip fabric is too cute.  I also scored black polka dotted tulle at only $1 a yard.  I stockpiled the entire bolt. 
I shared today's Walmart adventure with my baby girl.  We had the most fun.  
Ronald was pretty stoked as well.  

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