Tuesday, January 8, 2013

La Virgen de Cafe

I love coffee. 
I love Colombian, Java, French Roast, 
Italian, Mochachino, Cafe au Lait, Cappuccino,
 Frappe, Iced, Russian, Irish, Mexican, Macchiato, 
Espresso, Americano, Hawaiian Kona, Latte, Melya, 
Mocha, Turkish, Indian, Cortado, 
Viennese, Double, Tripple
even black.
You get my drift.
I hold coffee in high regard. 
I've created a very special apron to pay homage 
to that bewitching ebony velvet and elixir of life.
Behold, I give you

Oh, and here's the apron I made for 



crys said...

love the denim on both. is that demin? I cant wait to get mine!!! this is so exciting! the coffie apron is one of a kind amazing!!

StinkyMonkey4eva.biz said...

Yes, Crys. Yours is denim as well. Thanks again and you MUST share pictures of you rockin' your apron. ;)

crys said...

funny thing about that.. I have a friend ready to come over and take pics of me baking cookies in it when it gets here!!!!

StinkyMonkey4eva.biz said...

Right on. <3