Monday, May 2, 2011

Tips For Mommys, Mummys, y Mamis

  1. Make your own baby food:  Puree fresh veggies, place in an ice cube tray, and freeze them for later use. 
  2. If your child has trouble swallowing a pill, place it in a teaspoon of applesauce and see how easily it goes down.
  3. A penny sucker makes an excellent tongue depressor when checking for a sore throat.
  4. To eliminate the "ouch" when removing band aids, saturate a piece of cotton with baby oil and rub over the band aid.  It will come right off without hurting the skin.
  5. Even adults sometimes walk into closed, sliding glass doors.  To help youngsters avoid this hazard, place a piece of colored tape on the glass at eye level to alert the child when the door is closed.
  6. For baby's first steps, walking on a hard surface is like walking on ice for an adult.  If you glue a very thin strip of foam rubber to the soles of the shoes, your baby will gain confidence when  walking.  When the foam rubber has worn down,  scrape off the remains with a razor blade and apply a new piece.
  7. To teach your child how to put the right shoe on the right foot, mark or tape the inside of the right shoe only.
  8. Eliminate fears of injury when your child graduates from their crib to a full size bed by putting the crib mattress on the floor next to the bed.  If your child falls out, they will be startled but not hurt.
  9. When your child is past the baby stage, but is too small for the tub, a placstic laundry basket with holes in it is ideal.  Run several inches of water into the tub, place the basket in it and set your child inside the basket.
  10. Place small pieces of soap into a white sock and tie up the open end.  Children prefer it to a bar of soap because it will not slip from their little hands.
  11. Shampoo will not run into eyes if you put petroleum jelly on baby's eyebrows and eyelids.  Use a small amount as to not get it into your child's eyes.  The soap/shampoo will now run sideways instead of downward.
  12. Whispering works wonders when a child is angry.  By softly whispering words into their ear, they will stop crying as to hear what you are saying.  This is also effective on husbands as well.
  13. Preserve your child's artwork by giving each drawing or painting a coating of hairspray.  This will prevent colors from fading or wearing off.
  14. Not enough room on the fridge?  To display your child's works of art, hang fishnet over the wall.  Pin artwork to the fishnet with clothespins or safety pins.  You've just saved your walls from tacking, taping, or pinning.
  15. To eliminate messy spills when children are using paint or glue, cut an opening in the center of a sponge and insert the container into it.  The sponge keeps the container from tipping over, and absorbs any overflow.
  16. Wrap new crayons with masking tape and there will be less chance of breakage.  
  17. For fresh, smooth paste, moisten the lid with water before screwing the lid back on.
  18. Your child will be able to hold onto a glass of milk or juice better if you place two tight rubber bands around the glass an inch or so aprart.  This makes it easier for little hands to grasp.
  19. Out of respect to your little one and to make your child's grooming chores less complicated, hang a second mirror at his or her eye level in the bathroom.
  20. If you want to keep your child looking fresh for those special occasions, spray knees, cuffs, and collars with fabric protector.  Spills will now bead up and wipe off easily.
Removing gum from hair.
  • Rub in a dab of peanut butter.  Massage the gum and peanut butter between your fingers until the gum is loosened.  Remove with facial tissue.
  • Freeze the hair with ice cubes and peel gum off hair.
  • Rub ordinary cold cream into the hair.  Pull down on the strands of hair several times with a dry towel.
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