Friday, May 13, 2011

The Hair Dryer

A second hair dryer in the kitchen?  
Why not?
  1. Use it on "cool" to dry salad greens, on "warm" to set icing on cakes or sugar cookies, on "hot" to soften ice cream for scooping.
  2. If hard water spots up your glasses, dry them with a cloth, then blow dry to remove spots and lint. 
  3. Freshly baked cake left out too long on waxed paper lined pan?  Run your hair dryer over the bottom of the pan, then carefully invert it.  The cakes drops right out.
  4. Blow dry your salt and pepper shakers after washing to keep the condiments from lumping.
  5. Dry the inside of  your rubber kitchen gloves. 
  6. Quickly and safely remove candle wax by blowing warm air slightly above the drips.  The heat softens, the wax, which can then be wiped away with a paper towel, thus leaving no scratches.  Better yet, switch to soy candles and cleanup is a snap with just soap and water.
  7. Hair dryers work great for removing old contact paper from kitchen shelves when used on warm setting.  Work on one section at a time and gently pull at edges.  This tip comes in handy if you have little one who tend to decorate with stickers in places where they shouldn't.
  8. Remove crayon marks from wallpaper by using a hair dryer set on "hot".  Heat up the wax and the crayon will wipe right off.  Use a damp cloth and a small amount of oil soap cleanser.  I prefer Murphy's.
  9. Open windows in spring and summer cause screen and sills to collect fuzz and pollen. Ew.   For a quick cleanup, blow the debris back outside with your blow dryer.
  10. Loosen a too-tight screw by warming it with your hair dryer.  How do you like that on DH?
  11. When a hot compress is needed, wet a hand towel in hot water and put it on the injury.  Turn on the hair dryer to keep the compress hot; keep it moist with a spray bottle of water.
  12. Clear up diaper rash by drying baby's bottom with a hair dryer set on "warm" and held at least 7-9 inches from the skin.
  13. Speed dry your pantyhose by hanging them on the shower rod and blowing them dry.
  14. Quick wrinkle remover:  Lightly dampen the wrinkled area with a washcloth, then blow dry with your hair dryer. 
    Hair dryers.  Who knew?

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