Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeup Monday: Cover Girl's Tropical Fushion

Drug store cosmetics have come a long way.  Now that I have been penny pinching, I've realized that I can achieve great makeup looks without going over budget.  Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Eyeshadow Set is a great buy for under $5.00.  I picked one up at my local Walmart awhile back and was quite impressed.  The pigment is vibrant and blends well.  With this eyeshadow quad, one can create numerous looks.  It's perfect for the up coming summer months.  Just like it's name suggests, Cover Girl's Tropical Fushion, is a delicious paradise of vivacious color which fuse together perfectly to create many fun looks.

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(Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle) said...

WOW Lady you're so talented!!! All those delicious and oh so tropical eye make up looks!!! Genius, Amazing very truly talented. Thx for the review I been wanting to try them out and now I will :)
Thx and (sigh) Luis know I watched the vid twice bcs of the song too..great one doll.


PHWDGoddess said...

Thanks, Marina. Luis Miguel, (double sigh) I know, huh???