Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Cat Bathroom Mission

The 2013 redo's have finally begun. 
To reflect my love for black cats,
I've decided to redo our
bathroom in a black cat theme.
I'm now totally addicted to Pinterest
and hope to execute many
of the nifty and
clever pins I've 
I began with the duanting task of removing 
icky old wallpaper from
an old cupboard.
This pin totally
did the job!
I scrubbed and cleaned
this sucker good.

Total out of pocket cost: $5
The two mirrors above the cabinet were 
purchased at the 99 Cent Store along with the 
black rose contact paper &
2 rows of hooks which I attached
to the bottom, as well as the back, of the cabinet.
I had the fabric and tension rod on hand.
The ingredients used for my DIY
were already in the laundry room.

One section of our bathroom
has now been completed.
I've got 6 more sections 
to conquer.

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