Saturday, February 9, 2013


I consider myself an autumn and winter person. 
The Spring here in the armpit of California is nice, but
the summers here are brutal.
I am enjoying the winter and it's cold weather, yet I feel 
a stirring anticipation for the 
weather to heat up a bit.
Say it ain't so.
This is so out of character for me, 
for I usually cling to the winter and 
cold weather and 
dread the beginning of Spring.
This year is different.
I've got big plans for some DIY 
home renovations.
I am excited about 
cleaning up the yard, fixing up the back patio, 
creating a kick ass garden, 
retiling the bathroom floor, 
and redoing our kitchen.
Oh, and we are also planning on painting the exterior 
of the house.

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